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How we market for you!

The way real estate is sold has changed and what worked yesterday may not work today. Watters Edge Realty (Brokered by RG) uses only the best photography, video and targeted marketing strategies to reach the right buyers for our listings. Every client and every listing is unique.  Reaching the right buyer takes creativity and innovation.

I have a team of dedicated professionals working hard behind the scenes to make sure every detail is thoroughly thought through and addressed.  I  will give you the time and attention you need to be thoroughly educated about your property, your goals and motivations.  We will discuss how best to market your property for the highest price and shortest time on the market.  Selling your home is stressful, we strive to make it the easiest and most streamlined process possible.

Before your property hits the market I reach out to each of my buyers that showed interested in a property similar to yours to assess their interest.  Then once your property hits the market, all buyers  in our database are notified.

Reach out today for a no obligation consultation.
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