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Finding Your Dream Home

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Navigating a real estate purchase can get complicated fast. The internet has made it possible to do a lot of the legwork yourself, but there’s no substitute for an experienced professional. An expert negotiator who knows the market can save you time, money and heartache by helping you make the right offer, playing hardball when necessary and staying on top of the process.


Call or e-mail me and I will get you set up with a personal search designed specifically to your needs and wants.  Then I will continually search for properties personally and contact you as soon as I find one that could be a match for you.




Concerned that you cannot see a property in a timely manner?  I am always ready for a virtual tour so you can quickly visit the property even if you are not in the area.


There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes during a real estate transaction and it is in your best interest to work with an agent that truly cares and has the experience needed to help you achieve your goals.  

Frustrated that you aren't finding the property you want?  I am very involved in the community and know how to find off-market opportunities.  As it comes to finding and securing properties for my buyer clients, I am dedicated to providing my clients with expert and unwavering representation/negotiating and unmatched client care. I am deeply connected to the community so am often approached when owners are ready to sell.  Having a win-win transaction is very important to me and I strive to have that with every connection.  Building solid relationships is more important to me than closing a sale but I strive to excel at both.  

Call or e-mail me and I will get you set up with a personal search designed specifically to your needs and wants.  But I don't stop there.  I take it a step further and watch for and seek out properties that fit you dreams and present those to you personally.  

We’ve teamed up with Doug Bowdish at Granite Bank to provide local expertise on lake home and cabin financing.  Click for great resources and information to help finance your dreams, or to start the pre-approval process.

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